UNITEC is a start-up focused on solving a real-life problem that exists for both the admission teams and the prospective students during Clearing. UNITEC chatbot is a smart virtual assistant designed specifically for the university Clearing needs.

Before the Covid-19 lockdown, Clearing used to be a resource intensive process. It involved short-term hires of call centre ambassadors, handling of high application traffic and post call-centre activities. Now, it is a lot more chaotic and complex due to the pandemic related uncertainties. We are here to automate the Clearing process and help the admissions staff achieve their Clearing goals.

UNITEC chatbot facilitates human-like conversations with your prospective students. This can help you provide a better customer service and boost your competitive edge. At one-go, you can answer all questions of your prospective students and save them from hours of website browsing.

Our user-friendly chatbot can be easily integrated to your existing systems. It is designed to protect your commercially sensitive data. It can be customised to meet your department-specific needs. Don’t worry, we do all the coding!